What People Are Saying

"I enjoyed all of it. Loved the dosing information!"

"Thank you for making this! Truly needed for physicians to do the good work."

"What a wonderful session! Your reference to the 1000 pc puzzle was a great way to warm up. It completely corroborates my view of the optimal health for women. My plan is to collaborate with a holistic/ MD, women's health hormone specialist to make sure the heart of the puzzle is covered. It was a pleasure to listen to your opinions and your knowledge. Thanks again!"

"Thank you for the great program! I am not an MD but I work with hormone doctors. They are not knowledgeable in women's hormones like Dr. Gersh. This gives me an opportunity to teach them a better way of prescribing hormones to women. I appreciate being allowed to take her courses even though I am not an MD. Arming any woman with this information is important to help get this information out to the masses. Ty!"

“I always enjoy learning from Dr Gersh!”

Menopause is a process of ovarian senescence and a state of perpetual hormone deficiency.

The female body never stops needing estradiol and progesterone. In this course, I explain my approach to hormones for women in perimenopause, early menopause, and later menopause.

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